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So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their ending.
~ J. R. R. Tolkien
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Cassandriel faces her fears
Cassandriel faces her fears
Posted by Gregeor
on 01 Apr 2011
Our Allies

Early Look at Patch 1 for Seige of Mirkwood
by Sandriell on Dec 26, 2009, 01:25 AM

On Wednesday December 23, Bullroarer was reopened with a Beta of the upcoming Siege of Mirkwood Patch currently slated for late January. This patch will address a number of issues and full patch notes will be available ahead of the final version in January.

This list is in no way complete nor is it intended to be. Many more changes are planned for this patch prior to its release. Also, this is not related to Volume III Book I. That will be coming later!

Some of the changes that are already resolved in the Beta include:


  • The Nimble Redhorn-goat and Tame Redhorn-goat will no longer require the Basic Riding trait to use their associated mount skills.
  • Addressed a number of Typos


  • Resolved several unintended gameplay issues.


  • Additional wolf, Mirk-huorn and orc spawns in Mirkwood.
  • Several locations in Mirkwood where players could become stuck have been addressed.


  • Corrected the reset skill bonus on the Shadow-walker set. The bonus will now properly reset Surprise Strike.

Legendary Items

  • The Burglar's Off-hand Critical Chance legacy has had its ratings values at Tier 6 corrected.
  • The Loremaster's Sticky Gourd Direct Damage legacy has had its values and costs at Tier 6 corrected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Guardian's Threat legacy was not affecting the Guardian's Threat skill.
  • The Champion's Increased Critical Damage Multiplier legacy has had its rank values and costs at Tier 6 corrected.
  • The Hunter's Barbed Arrow Bleed Damage legacy has had its rank values and costs at Tier 6 corrected.
  • The following legacies have had their tier 6 costs corrected:
    • Captain
      • Maximum targets for Pressing Attack.
    • Guardian
      • Challenge Targets.
      • Guardian Area Effect Melee Targets.
    • Hunter
      • Maximum Targets for AOE Skills.
    • Lore-master
      • Fire-Lore Targets.
      • Bane Flare Targets.
      • Ancient-Craft Targets.
    • Minstrel
      • Call to Second Age Targets.
      • Still as Death Duration.
    • Rune keeper
      • Vivid Imagery Targets.


  • Fixed several locations where players could become stuck.
  • Addressed a number of instances where waves were not appearing properly.
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