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Uli: A Larry sighting? Where?
Talvarn: Bite me, Uli

~ Henry and Larry
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Ristar's Amazing Horse
Ristar's Amazing Horse
Posted by Garnet
on 01 May 2010
Our Allies

About Us

About UsThe Palantiri is a Lord of the Rings Online kinship (rank 10), based on the Landroval server. We started in beta, as a group of new and old friends just having fun. This is not a high pressure guild. We're here to enjoy ourselves with like-minded adults.

Most of us are mature players who want to enjoy Middle Earth. Currently, we have a great mix of players from around the US and Canada. We plan to keep the kinship small enough so that we can all know each other. We are not actively recruiting, but we do invite new members as we make new friends in-game.

We chose the Landroval server because it's the unofficial role-playing server, and we hoped it would attract a more mature player community. However, we are not a role-playing kinship. Although many of us enjoy role-playing once in a while (typically for special events, and with our allies), we are out-of-character most of the time.

We spend a lot of time in fellowships, often questing together; sometimes just talking. We have setup a Dolby Axon channel, and we can also use the in-game voice for our group activities. If you don't have a microphone, that's ok, but we do ask that you enable voice so you can at least hear us. It makes coordinating much easier. We are an adult guild, but some folks have kids around, so watch the language please. Double entendres are fun, and safer too.

We're friendly

A few of us have known each other for years, and played many games together before coming to LOTRO. But most of us met for the first time in this game. We try to get to know everyone in the kinship fairly well. We mostly use our real names (we post our name as our Player Note, so you can get to know us pretty quickly), but we'll call you whatever you prefer. Even if we're not questing with each other, we're often grouped just to chat.

We're mature

Most of us are older, with kids of our own (some of whom play). We don't have any age requirement, but I guess our average age is at least 30. Obviously we're all young at heart. :-) Unlike many kinships, we really are very low-key, with none of the typical drama.

We're not actively recruiting, but we do invite new members once in a while. Our plan is to grow very slowly, and we've followed that plan since we first started in beta. We never try to recruit new members. We never spam in /ooc trying to convince people to join us. Unless you express an interest, we'll assume you're happy just as you are. If you are interested, please take the first step, and post a message in this forum. Or let one of our members know.

We're a medium-sized kinship with approximately 30 to 40 active members, and probably that many more who play once in a while. A lot of our players are women. That's not uncommon with LOTRO, but I would guess we have a higher percentage than most kinships.

We're loyal

Although a few players have moved on to other games, we've rarely lost a player to another kinship. We also don't poach players from other kinships (especially our allies). So, if you're in another kin (and you think you might like to join us), be aware that we won't even consider recruiting you. But you don't have to leave your kin to play with us; we're quite happy to have other kinships as allies.

We're nice

Landroval has a great community overall, and is almost always a pleasant environment. But there are a few exceptions from time to time. Don't you just hate it when you're fighting a mob so you can mine an ore node, and someone runs up and "steals" the node? Well, it won't be a Palantiri member. We're more likely to run up, and hand you a stack of ore.

We're fun!

Although there are a ton of quests and content in the game to experience, we like to host our own events once in a while - scavenger hunts, hide & seek, riddle and trivia contests, and our annual Halloween costume party for example.

We're helpful

Whether you're in our kinship or not, we're usually quite happy to lend a hand, or answer some questions. We also have a few characters whose main purpose is to help you. We have some captains (Portal, Summons, and Kaller) who like to camp out in dangerous places, just so they can summon you there. We have a hunter (Muster) who can guide you quickly to most places in Middle Earth. These characters are on second accounts, so they're in-game and available to help quite often. In other MMOs, they'd be bots.

We're generous

Our kinship house chests are open to all members. We stock them with books and pages, crafted items, and rare drops. We encourage members to take anything they need. We have kinship-only auctions at least once a month (usually the first weekend of the month). You can usually find some good loot and crafted items for a couple silver. We use them as a nice way to redistribute items, and help equip our alts. The typical price is 5 silver - even on rare recipes, set pieces, and crafted items that might normally sell for 5 gold or more.

We're casual

Most of us are Lifetime subscribers. We're not in a rush to get to the "end game" content. We're enjoying the experience. Your attendance is never required for any events. We raid, but we don't use formal loot distribution systems like DKP. Most of the time, we don't even roll for loot - we just use round-robin, and if someone gets something another player wants, we're happy to give it to him.

We rarely have kinship meetings - maybe once a quarter, to get a group picture. Although we're proud of our web site, and we try to keep the content fresh and interesting, we don't mind if you'd rather ignore it, and just play the game.

Even though we're casual, we have many experienced players. Some of us have been playing LOTRO since alpha, and we play on the various test servers too. We know our way around the game. Playing with a kinship group isn't like playing with a pick-up group. We know each other well enough to ask for and freely offer advice. We want our members to know how to play their characters well. Most of us have played many MMOs; I beta'd UO and AC1 for example, and played WoW, AoC, DAoC, PotC, Wizard-101, Vindictus, and others.

We do enjoy all of the content, including the high-end instances. We ran Helegrod raids regularly, and the Rift every other week. We've defeated every boss except for the LT in Barad Guldur (which we're currently working on).

We're active

Some of us play almost every day, and some maybe just a few times a month. But we've always got something going on. We schedule many events (see our Calendar page), and we have a lot of unplanned activities too. There's usually something going on every night.

We have some great Allies

We're part of a group of allied kinships (http://allies2.guildlaunch.com), including Knights of the White Lady, The Dark Blade, Shadow Company, Section VIII, and others.  Many of our players have characters in these kinships (and vice versa), so we're a pretty close group. We share a chat channel with our allies. Anytime you have a spot or two free in your fellowship, our allies are often happy to help out.

We're not a role-playing kinship

We chose Landroval (the unofficial RP server) because we wanted a more mature community. But, we do have a handful of players who are role-players. To help them out, we created a second "sub" kinship (called Ranya Palantiri), just for RP. We're still growing it, and learning how to host and participate in RP events. If this is something you're interested in, please let us know - we'd love more folks to join us.

We're not all Tolkien lore-masters, but we have our share of them. Some kinships actually have "lore tests" you have to pass in order to join. That's fine, but it's not our style. We hope you've read the books - because they're great books. But we're not going to make fun of you if you mispronounce Annuminas (well, not much anyway).

We're not a PvP kinship

However we have a lot members who enjoy PvMP from both sides. We have some high-ranking freeps for sure, but more of us tend to play creeps. We have our own tribe called Creepshow. It's a nice change of pace. We run into each other (and our allies) in the Ettenmoors pretty often. There's nothing like getting a screenshot of your warg pack taking down your kin-mates.

Our kinhouse is at 5 Waterbank, in the Tund Loriel instance of Falathlorn (Elven neighborhood). Chests in the kinhouse are open to all members. Help yourself to anything you find. The upstairs chest is for books and pages. We keep cosmetic items (clothes, packs, quivers, etc) in the nearby RP kinhouse (8 Haven Way). Due to game limitations, there's only room for one character per player on the chest-access list. Contact Kathy to get yourself added.

Again, thanks for joining us, be nice in game, and have fun!

For more information and to express an interest in joining us, see our Many Meetings forum.


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