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The Wargowsky Clan
The Wargowsky Clan
Posted by Warga
on 15 Apr 2010
Our Allies

Topic: My mic suddenly stopped working in Lotro voice chat. Ugh.
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Mar 19, 2011, 03:22 AM #1
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Morganaiel Offline
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Jan, 2011

My mic suddenly stopped working in Lotro voice chat. Ugh.

It was working ok for a while.  Then, all of a sudden, it appears to have stopped working and as far as I know I made no changes at all -- I didn't even unplug it.  Tonight, I was in a PUG for GB and people said they couldn't hear me.  I could hear them just fine through the headset.  Later I tried testing the mic and all I got was what sounded like a loud, pulsing electronic noise when I selected headset for the output, and almost nothing except a very faint voice when I selected speakers.  This is now the case on both Aaya, who I was playing tonight, and Arayel who it worked with before.  Does anyone have any idea whether this is fixable and what I'd need to do to fix it?  I tried changing a bunch of different settings to no avail.  I have a pretty generic, pretty old Logitech headset plugged into the front ports of my PC.  Sound is Realtek.
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